Solve for Customer:

The 7-Week Actionable Customer Insights Program for Sustainable Growth

A Learn-By-Doing Customer Insights Masterclass and Practical Workshop Series with Guest Experts From Top Companies. 

Built for Marketers, Product Leaders, Entrepreneurs, and Designers.

Program Enrollment Closes on July 24th 2020


Level Up Where It Matters Most: Customers

Develop the practical skills to harness and deploy actionable customer insights for sustainable growth that will last a lot longer than Google's next algorithm change.

This is the practical hands-on solution for embracing philosophies like, "get closer to customers", "customer-driven growth", and "customer-centricity."

Solve for Customer 

Isn't An Online Course. 

Or Just a Workshop. 

It's a Lab. And a Community.

You won't be sitting around watching videos...

Instead, you'll be doing.

The Solve for Customer Pillars

Apply & hone your skills during weekly lab time where we dissect frogs an open customer research project on the direct-to-consumer ("DTC") mattress business.  
Simultaneously implement on your own personal project with support. You will get weekly feedback from instructors and fellow cohort members. 
Learn content as needed, weekly, and/or use as a forever reference. Your choice!


Attend live or send your questions in advance. Weekly office hours happen on Fridays.


Build Customer-Driven Marketing & Develop Customer-Driven Products 

That is, in reality, not theory. We can't say practical enough, so practical, practical, practical!

Over 7 weeks, you will master 7 actionable customer insight workflows every marketer, product leader, designer, and entrepreneur can rely on in their daily working lives forevermore (ok, maybe not forever, but for a long time!). 

Topics Covered in 7-Weeks:

  • Surveying
  • Customer Interviewing
  • Online User Testing & Copy Testing
  • Google User Intent Mining
  • Onsite Polling
  • UGC & Review Analysis
  • Help Desk + Live Chat Tickets Mining

Learned Via These Projects:

  • Setting Up Your Customer Insights BI System
  • Assessing & Maintaining Product-Market Fit 
  • Product Development & Mix
  • Content Strategy & Untapped Acquisition
  • Positioning 
  • Value Propositions, Messaging, & Copy
  • Conversion Rate Optimization

Program Enrollment closes on July 24th 2020

A 7-Week Small Group Program Where You'll Get Real Work Done!

Learn-by-doing in real time with a mix of live labs, office hours, practical workflow tools, frameworks, personal feedback time, networking opportunities, and watch-as-needed lecture-content.  


Week 1: BI Tooling for Customer Insights

You have reams of quantitative data and analytics and unfortunately so do competitors. Customer insights about your own customers are the ultimate product and marketing advantage.

Apply To: Everything marketing and product related!

  1. 10-Minute Chunked Lecture Content: Setting up a Voice-of-Customer system/dashboard for documenting and accessing actionable customer insights instantly + key frameworks. 
  2. Weekly Live Lab: Getting to know you
  3. Implement: Set up your BI Customer Insights System based on two models — your choice which model you implement. 
  4. Special Guest: Sofia Quintero, CEO, EnjoyHQ & Former Head of Growth, Geckoboard


Week 2: Practical Customer Segmentation

This is the foundation for building the right product for the right folks and finding them at the right time with the right message (which equals higher cLTV and lower CAC).

Apply To: Product Roadmap, Website + Copy, Emails, Landing Pages, Paid Acquisition, Personalization


  1. 10-Minute Chunked Lecture Content: Learning the ins and outs of smart surveying while we determine your best and worst customers. Case Study: Dropbox. 
  2. Weekly Live Lab: Analyze and extract insights from surveys by accessing open research project data on direct-to-consumer mattress buying.
  3. Implement: Send your own best/worst survey. Receive personalized feedback to implement immediately re: messaging and/or product roadmap.
  4. Special Guest: Dani Hart, Former Head of Growth at GrowthHackers


Week 3: Product & Understanding User Needs

In today's strange times, one thing we can all agree on is that customers' needs have changed. Learn how to stay on top of customer needs to drive product success and revenue. The result? Good product decisions will become much more obvious. 

Apply To: Product Roadmap, Product Development, Product Mix, Positioning, Branding, Website, Value Proposition, Emails, Copy

  1. 10-Minute Chunked Lecture Content:  Running effective and reliable customers interviews. We'll be focusing on  jobs-to-be-done techniques, so you can understanding purchasing & product adoption triggers. 
  2. Weekly Live Lab: Listen & dissect recorded customer interviews from the open research project and hone your customer interviewing skills in a safe setting.
  3. Implement: Run your own jobs-to-be-done interviews and get feedback on your interview questions. 
  4. Special Guests: Alex Genov, Head of Customer Research, Zappos & Wes Bush, Bestselling Author, Product-Led Growth


Week 4: Content Strategy & Untapped Distribution 

Now that you know how to discover and apply buying triggers, it's time to discover for arbitrage opportunities in customer acquisition and content opportunities to make your content + social media strategy unique, memorable, and engaging. 

Apply To: Social Media, Creative Production, Content Marketing, Customer Acquisition, Retention, Onboarding

  1. 10-Minute Chunked Lecture Content: Applying the day-in-the-life customer interview technique. Learning how to conduct interview analysis and synthesis, as well as Google search intent mining. Case Studies: Casper
  2. Weekly Live Lab: We'll analyze and extract insights from 5 open research day-in-the-life interviews discovering new content ideas and distribution opportunities.
  3. Implement: Code, analyze, and extract insights from your JTBD interviews from last week. Get feedback on your analysis and insight extraction.
  4. Special Guest: Sophia Eng, Former Growth Manager, InVision


Week 5: Positioning

When folks place you in the right category in their minds (the one that shines a spotlight on your unique value), it’s like hitting the Staples “Easy Button” on everything — product, marketing, sales, and customer success get an instant boost.

Apply To: Website, Product Development, Business Strategy, Product Messaging + Marketing Copy, Brand Creative Direction, Customer Acquisition

  1. 10-Minute Chunked Lecture Content: Discovering and refining brand and product positioning. Learning how to mine UGC content (reviews, testimonials, help desk tickets, etc) for insights effectively and efficiently.
  2. Weekly Live Lab: We’ll mine UGC content for insights on DTC mattress buying and  apply the 5-Step Positioning Framework to calibrate positioning.
  3. Implement: Make your product/brand obviously awesome by applying the 5-Step Positioning Framework you learned to adjust your positioning as needed.
  4. Special Guest: April Dunford, Bestselling Author, Obviously Awesome


Week 6: Value Propositions, Messaging, & Copy

Use customer insights gathered to date to reverse-engineer higher-converting messaging + copy and we'll refine it with testing. This week will be ripe with quick wins!

Apply To: Merchandising, Website, Copy, Customer Acquisition Channels, Landing Pages, Email Marketing, Personalization

  1. 10-Minute Chunked Lecture Content: Learning a framework for getting the right message in front of the right folks at the right time, as well as copy testing protocols to increase conversions and retention of the right folks.
  2. Weekly Live Lab: Set up, run, and dissect copy tests of a well-known DTC mattress brand’s website & apply learnings to craft higher-converting copy.
  3. Implement: Run copy tests on your own website or landing page. Adjust copy and create backlog of ideas. 


Week 7: Conversion Rate Optimization 

The final actionable customer insights workflow is remote user testing. Find immediate fixes in your signup/purchase flow, as well as long-term opportunities, and a bucket of testing ideas. 

Apply To: Signup/Purchase Flow, Onboarding, Email List Building, Funnels, Personalization

  1. 10-Minute Chunked Lecture Content: Running fruitful remote user tests on your own properties and your competitors.  
  2. Weekly Live Lab: Run, analyze, and dissect user tests from a well-known DTC mattress buying brand’s website extracting valuable learnings and testing ideas.
  3. Implement: Run remote user testing on your website to identify low-hanging fruit, long-term opportunities, and plenty of testing ideas.
  4. Special Guest: Shanelle Mullin, CRO Lead, Shopify

By The End of 7 Weeks, You Will...

Harness and deploy reliable customer insights like a pro, so you can deliver better end-to-end customer experiences, higher-converting websites, landing pages, emails, and ad campaigns, and more loved products and merchandise.

Make Progress on a Real-Life Personal Project/Goal

A unique online program where you learn-by-doing by applying techniques & receive feedback on something you are working on in real-time, in addition to group lab time.

Possess The Ultimate Customer Insights Swipe File Going Forward

Your actionable customer insights toolkit includes access to dozens of proven checklists, templates, scripts, and frameworks.

Make Better Decisions with Less Stress

When actionable customer insights become part of your competency — i.e. work other professionals can't or won't do — good decisions become obvious. Good decisions become a competitive advantage.

Be Infinitely More Marketable As A Professional or Entrepreneur

Everyone has quantitive data. But not everyone understands how to wield actionable customer insights like a pro. You, my dear friend, are skating to where the puck is going, not to where it already is.

Special Guests

The Solve for Customer Program features guest talks and fireside chats from handpicked experts on customer-driven sustainable growth and actionable customer insights.

Sophia Eng

Former Growth Manager,


April Dunford

Bestselling Author,

Obviously Awesome Positioning

Alex Genov

Head of Customer Research,


Wes Bush

Founder & Bestseller Author

Product-Led Growth

Shanelle Mullin

CRO Lead


Sofia Quintero



Learn By Doing In Real-Time In Real Life With Your Own Personal Implementation Project

We're all too busy to just "watch a course" even if it's great!  Rather, we need to apply in real-time to work/outcomes ASAP. 

Examples of good implementation projects for SOLVE FOR CUSTOMER include:

  • Understanding changed customer needs due to COVID or something else
  • Reducing CAC through more targeted acquisition and higher-converting messaging 
  • Increasing retention, loyalty, repeat customers, or average order value
  • Increasing first-time conversions: signups or customers
  • Big picture — rethinking entire funnel or high-level business strategies
  • Adjusting and prioritizing existing product roadmaps and/or product mix or developing a new product 
  • Launching a new product and/or finding product-market fit
  • Growing your email list
  • Redesigning a website and/or brand

AS A BETA Bonus...

1:1 Time
Private Coaching Session (x2)

You'll have two private coaching sessions with Ashley for personalized guidance and feedback.

Value: $1,000

Special topics
Extra Modules

Pricing, word-of-mouth, NPS, and competitive intelligence. 

Value: $1,500


Over the shoulder analyses on popular B2C brands and companies' websites.

Value: $1,000

Led By Ashley Greene

Ashley Greene is a former TV marketer (who helped bring social media and digital content to some of your favorite TV networks), startup advisor, and CEO oThe Instratify Group.

Ashley holds a Doctor of Jurisprudence from a top law school. Informally, her J.D. is known as the P.h.D. in asking good questions. 

A popular speaker on actionable customer insights and sustainable growth, Ashley has spoken on stages across two continents and is working on a forthcoming book entitled Humanizing Business: The Secret To Hypergrowth.

Natalie Catania

Head of Customer Engagement


"The Missing Piece of the Puzzle"

The Solve for Customer Program is the missing piece in driving sustainable, profitable, and customer-friendly growth.

Geraldine Lepere


Comme une Francaise

"I Owe Hundreds of Thousands to Ashley's Insights"

Ashley is the best for understanding my prospects real needs and desire. You know, the ones they never tell you about in customer interviews... the surveys and interview questions she designed with me saved us thousands of dollars of product development for products they didn't care about at all and unveiled hidden gems that I would never have bet a dime on. I owe hundreds of thousands to her insights.  Thanks to Ashley, we design products we are proud to sell and that students are excited to buy and enjoy.

April Dunford

Bestselling Author & CEO, Sprintly (Acquired)

"Best Practices for Growth"

Companies/professionals that need to quickly train on best practices for sustainable growth should call Ashley.

Solve for customer program

The world's best actionable customer insights training program and workshop series.


  •  Access To Labs & Feedback Sessions
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Access to Lecture Content  in 10-Minute Chunks
  • Bonuses
  • Access to Private Slack Group
  • Two 60-minute private coaching calls

The world's best actionable customer insights training program and workshop series.




  •  Access To Labs & Feedback Sessions
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Access to Lecture Content  in 10-Minute Chunks
  • Bonuses
  • Access to Private Slack Group
  • Two 60-minute private coaching calls

Program Enrollment closes on July 24th 2020


100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

I'll happy refund your money if the program isn't for you. You can write an email to [email protected] and with the subject line "request refund" within 30-days from the program start date.

Frequently Asked Questions

I've heard Solve for Customer is in beta...

Training has been developed through my various guest lectures, webinars, and affiliations with accelerators over the years.

However, this is the first time I'm bringing it together in one program with a live lab, so of course, I'm running it as a beta first.
Being part of the beta cohort means you get exclusive one-on-one coaching time + personal hand-holding on your implementation projects, which won't be available in the future. You also are locked in at the lowest price and will receive all updates to lecture content for free, forever.  The beta is also capped at 20 participants at the absolute max. 

As part of the trade-off, you'll be getting docs and slide decks that aren't as beautifully designed as they will be in the future and you'll be asked to provide a lot of feedback to improve the program.

How does the application process work?

I want to make sure every cohort member is a good fit and will recieve good ROI, so you can't buy off the shelf.  Once you submit the application (a simple Typform), I'll be in touch ASAP.

If I think you could be a good fit, I will schedule an intro call. If we both decide it's still a good fit, I will provide you a link to complete your payment — either a single upfront time payment (save 10%) or 4 equal payments.

Cohort spots will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis.

When are the weekly live labs?

Live labs will be held on Thursday's at 12 PM EST.  They will last between 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on the week.

While labs are live and active particpation is encouraged,  they will be recorded, should you be unable to attend.

What is this "open research project" you keep mentioning?

I teach in a "show, not tell" fashion. Instead of watching videos and lectures on how to do something and the theory behind it (which you will also get), I place the priority on showing you how to do something so you can practice and get contextual help.

In order to do that, we need a real life business and data to use. For the beta cohort, I will have open research data for us to use (survey responses, interviews, etc) so we can learn to analyze, pull, and put into action customer insights.

We are using a direct to consumer (DTC) mattress buying as our open research data set. You can actually apply what you're learning in the 10-minute lecture chunks on in our live labs with real data on a real business.

This unique learn by doing method will provide you with reassurance if you are on the right track with skill development or give you adjustments if you're not, so you walk away with confidence and practical hands experience.

How does the application process work?

There will be an absolute maximum of 20 participants. I expect to cap at 10-15 participants.

What is the program start date & schedule?

The course will begin on August 1. The first weekly live in-person session will be on August 6th. As a reminder, weekly live labs will happen Thursdays at noon EST.

Weekly Live Labs will follow this schedule:

Week 1 — August 6th

Week 2 — August 13th

Week 3 — August 20th

Week 4 — August 27th

Week 5 —  September 3rd

Week 6 — September 10th

Week 7 — September 17th

Lecture material will be uploaded according to the following schedule:

Lecture Materials for Module #1 will be uploaded July 26th

Lecture Materials for Module #2 will be uploaded August 2nd 

Lecture Materials for Module #3 will be uploaded August 9th

Lecture Materials for Module #4 will be uploaded August 16th

Lecture Materials for Module #5 will be uploaded August 23rd

Lecture Materials for Module #6 will be uploaded August 30th

Lecture Materials for Module #7 will be uploaded September 6th

Is it possible to expense this to my company?

An education budget is something you can discuss with your company. Every company has a different policy.

If tuition reimbursement through your company is a possibility you would like to explore, we can provide insights that have helped past participants. Apply first and then feel free to reach out with any questions you may have. 


The world's best actionable customer insights training program and workshop series.



  •  Access To Labs & Feedback Sessions
  •  Networking Opportunities
  •  Access to Lecture Content 
  •  Bonuses
  • Access to Private Slack Group
  • Two private coaching sessions

The world's best actionable customer insights training program and workshop series.




  • Lifetime  Access To Labs & Feedback Sessions
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Access to Lecture Content  in 10-Minute Chunks
  • Bonuses
  • Access to Private Slack Group
  • Two 60-minute private coaching calls


Do you believe the best marketers, product leaders, entrepreneurs & designers understand their customers better than anyone? If so, you are in the right place. Welcome!

When you see — truly see — how to connect the dots to serve folks better and be a top performer at the same time, whatever work you do becomes magical again.

Good decisions get much clearer. Big ideas come easy. Small tactical details become apparent.

Let's get closer to your customers and audiences, together! 


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